Luxury Home Trends for 2024

By Sherry MacLeod
Managing Broker at Cape Breton Realty

As I prepare to travel to Las Vegas this week to attend a Luxury Portfolio International Conference and meet Realtors from North and South America, I am reading about luxury home trends. I thought I might share my findings here. It’s interesting to see the changes from year to year. A recent study by 1stDibs, an online design marketplace, has indicated significant shifts in luxury home trends for 2024. According to the findings of the seventh-edition Interior Designer Trends Survey, there is a notable resurgence of certain areas of the home, with kitchens expected to be the most sought-after spaces for design projects, while interest in home office revamps appears to be diminishing.

The report suggests a departure from recent trends, with a growing demand for design elements inspired by specific eras, such as bohemianism. Anthony Barzilay Freund, the editorial director at 1stDibs, emphasized the significance of the anticipated aesthetic shifts highlighted by interior designers, acknowledging their role in shaping style and taste.

Color preferences and pattern affinity are also undergoing a transformation, as bright colors like red, yellow, and orange are falling out of favor, giving way to the rise of earth tones, particularly sage green. Additionally, design styles from the 1950s and ’60s are reportedly declining in influence, while bohemian styles from the 1970s are expected to experience a resurgence.

The report also indicates that several trends, including “dormcore,” characterized by elements reminiscent of college dormitory rooms, are anticipated to wane in 2024, reflecting the dynamic nature of luxury home trends and the evolving preferences of designers and consumers alike.

These insights provide valuable guidance for individuals and professionals in the luxury home industry, offering a glimpse into the evolving preferences and styles that are likely to shape the luxury home landscape in the coming year. Economists forecast that the demand in this market segment is expected to increase, with prices remaining high and a projected 2-3% increase in prices by year-end.

As the only luxury Realtor from Cape Breton and likely Nova Scotia attending this portion of the conference, I must ensure that I am appropriately dressed. I will definitely pack some Cape Breton tartan in my suitcase to add to my wardrobe. Regardless of whether it is trending or not, we want the other Realtors to remember Cape Breton and send buyers our way. After all, we have beautiful luxury properties, a couple of world-famous golf courses, an award-winning single malt whiskey distillery, warm water with sandy beaches, and some of the best sailing in the world.


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