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Before moving to and joining Cape Breton Realty, I had been buying and selling real estate for about thirty-five years and licensed to sell in Ontario (Toronto, Muskoka/Parry Sound) for nearly twenty. I’ve personally owned and sold urban and rural, residential, and recreational homes, condos, co-ops and vacant land. My career as a realtor has always and continues to accompany my profession as a writer, a television/theatrical producer, a non-profit executive director, and past co-host of television’s “Cottage Life” and host of “The Weekend Guy”.

Since transferring my license to Cape Breton Realty, I have assisted buyers and sellers all over Nova Scotia from Dingwall, to Halifax, to Yarmouth and up to Springhill. This has provided me with a clear understanding of the diverse homes, geography, and culture the province has to offer.

Real estate itself can be as simple as shelter from the elements to an investment for retirement. It can be a long-term home to raise a family, or a short-term “flip” to show off one’s decorating and renovation skills. It can be a need for a lifestyle change or a relocation driven by a new job.
I believe there is no standard real estate transaction. Each one is different resulting from a variety of reasons such as years of savings, a sudden inheritance, a change in relationship status, or God willing, a lottery win! It can be down-sizing or up-sizing, a move from urban to rural, more maintenance or less, familiar or a total new experience.

As life becomes more litigable and technical, so too does the process of purchasing and selling real estate continue to change. Anyone can go online and covet a property which appears to be the ideal type, price or location but only an experienced realtor like myself, who has done their homework, can assist with whether or not it’s a good match to your personality, needs, lifestyle or finances.

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