Digital Signatures

Sign contracts by simply receiving an email and insert your signature or initials with a few clicks of your mouse.
At Cape Breton Realty, we try to stay current with technology and trends in the business world. Digital signing is relatively new technology, but once you have used it once or twice, you will love it. It is simple, reliable and easy.

Just like wire transfers, email transfers, deposits on our phone or direct deposits are now second nature, so will be this technology of signing documents. It is legal. It is neat. It keeps records and makes things easier for all involved. At Cape Breton Realty we embrace change.

When you receive a form by email that needs to be signed digitally, the first step is to click on the photo with the words written under it “click here to sign”. Alternatively, if you do not see the picture, it will tell you to “Click Here to begin the process”.